Business Description

FFI is the world leader in the provision of completion contracts to the entertainment industry for films, television, mini-series and streaming product. FFI was founded in London in 1950 and is now headquartered in Los Angeles, with 11 offices globally including in London, Stockholm, Toronto, New York, Cape Town, Cologne and Shanghai. Over the last 67 years, FFI has provided the financiers of film and television productions with contracts providing assurance that such productions will be completed on time, on budget and to a basic pre-agreed specification.

FFI is a trusted, iconic brand positioned at the centre of the independent film and television entertainment industry. It has an extensive network of relationships with the studios, mini studios, streaming companies, producers and financiers involved in the production of films, television and other content. This extensive network of longstanding relationships, together with FFI’s deep knowledge and expertise of the film and television production process, has enabled it to secure a leading market share globally and a high level of repeat business from existing clients in its core completion contract business.

Due to FFI’s key “gatekeeper” role in the production life cycle, through the issuance of completion contracts and monitoring of the entire production process, coupled with FFI’s extensive network of relationships in the entertainment industry, FFI believes it is uniquely situated to provide various ancillary services and products to the makers of film and television productions via a platform growth model. FFI is implementing a threefold growth strategy compromising:

  • Acquisitions of non-creative ancillary services businesses, such as editing solutions, post-production accounting, collection services, localisation, sound design and visual effects. In February 2017, FFI acquired Rainbow, which trades as Pivotal Post, an editing equipment business, its first non-creative ancillary services acquisition.
  • Expansion of its core completion contract offering into China.
  • Strategic low risk investment in content.