First Man Into Space strap image

First Man Into Space

Robert Day / 1959
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The Naked Earth strap image

The Naked Earth

Vincent Sherman / 1958
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Carry On Admiral strap image

Carry On Admiral

Val Guest / 1957
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The Admirable Crichton strap image

The Admirable Crichton

Lewis Gilbert / 1957
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The Man Who Never Was strap image

The Man Who Never Was

Ronald Neame / 1956
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A Kid for Two Farthings strap image

A Kid for Two Farthings

Carol Reed / 1955
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Oh Rosalinda strap image

Oh Rosalinda

Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger / 1955
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Richard III strap image

Richard III

Laurence Olivier / 1955
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The Colditz Story strap image

The Colditz Story

Guy Hamilton / 1955
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Devil Girl From Mars strap image

Devil Girl From Mars

David MacDonald / 1954
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Eight O'Clock strap image

Eight O’Clock

Lance Comfort / 1954
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Father Brown strap image

Father Brown

Robert Hamer / 1954
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Meet Mr. Callaghan strap image

Meet Mr. Callaghan

Charles Saunders / 1954
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Night of the Full Moon strap image

Night of the Full Moon

Donald Taylor / 1954
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Appointment in London strap image

Appointment in London

Philip Leacock / 1953
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Decameron Nights strap image

Decameron Nights

Hugo Fregonese / 1953
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Innocents in Paris strap image

Innocents in Paris

Gordon Parry / 1953
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Our Girl Friday strap image

Our Girl Friday

Noel Langley / 1953
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The Beggar's Opera strap image

The Beggar’s Opera

Peter Brook / 1953
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The Blue Parrot strap image

The Blue Parrot

John Harlow / 1953
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Three Steps to the Gallows strap image

Three Steps to the Gallows

John Gilling / 1953
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Curtain Up strap image

Curtain Up

Ralph Smart / 1952
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Moulin Rouge strap image

Moulin Rouge

John Huston / 1952
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Penny Princess strap image

Penny Princess

Val Guest / 1952
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The Gift Horse strap image

The Gift Horse

Compton Bennett / 1952
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The Pickwick Papers strap image

The Pickwick Papers

Noel Langley / 1952
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Blackmailed strap image


Marc Allégret / 1951
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Hell Is Sold Out strap image

Hell Is Sold Out

Michael Anderson / 1951
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Night Without Stars strap image

Night Without Stars

Anthony Pelissier / 1951
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No Resting Place strap image

No Resting Place

Paul Rotha / 1951
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One WIld Oat strap image

One WIld Oat

Charles Sanders / 1951
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The Adventurers strap image

The Adventurers

David Macdonald / 1951
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The African Queen strap image

The African Queen

John Huston / 1951
Award(s) Oscar for Best Actor
Nomination(s) Oscars for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Screenplay
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The Browning Version strap image

The Browning Version

Anthony Asquith / 1951
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The Bandit Queen strap image

The Bandit Queen

William Berke / 1950
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The Woman in Question strap image

The Woman in Question

Anthony Asquith / 1950
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