Age of Consent strap image

Age of Consent

Michael Powell / 1969
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Lock Up Your Daughters strap image

Lock Up Your Daughters

Peter Coe / 1969
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Naked Evil strap image

Naked Evil

Stanley Goulder / 1966
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Dr. Terror's House of Horror strap image

Dr. Terror’s House of Horror

Freddie Francis / 1965
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Dr. Who and the Daleks strap image

Dr. Who and the Daleks

Gordon Flemyng / 1965
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Zulu strap image


Cy Endfield / 1964
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Lancelot and Guenevere strap image

Lancelot and Guenevere

Cornel Wilde / 1963
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The Servant strap image

The Servant

Joseph Losey / 1963
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Tom Jones strap image

Tom Jones

Tony Richardson / 1963
Award(s) 4 Oscars
Nomination(s) 6 Oscars
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Dr. No strap image

Dr. No

Terence Young / 1962
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The Valliant strap image

The Valliant

Roy Ward Baker / 1962
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The Day The Earth Caught Fire strap image

The Day The Earth Caught Fire

Val Guest / 1961
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Peeping Tom strap image

Peeping Tom

Michael Powell / 1960
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